An average doses of valium

Valium (Diazepam) is prescribed for epileptic seizures, if necessary, treatment of convulsive paroxysm, a mental equivalent, with the goal of arresting epileptic statuses. Because of the muscle relaxant effect, the drug is used in cases of some of the spastic conditions. Sometimes diazepam may be prescribed as an addition to a complex of other drugs, in the case of treatment of an abstinence syndrome with alcoholism. As for an anesthetic practice, valium can be prescribed during the preparation of patients to surgery. Preventive dermatosis is a good reason for the appointment of Valium in dermatology.

Valium is used: intramuscularly, intravenously. Sedation occurs a few minutes after the drug is administered intravenously or after a range of 30-40 minutes after its intramuscular injection. Therapeutic effect occurs within 3-10 days. When acute manifestations of the disease disappear, Valium is started to be used inside.


When a doctor prescribes the use of the drug to an adult, he begins the dosage from 2.5 milligrams to a limit of 5 milligrams twice a day, with a gradual increase. The most common single dose for an adult is from 5 to 10 milligrams. In some situations, (when it comes to increased excitement, anxiety or fear), a single dose can be increased to 20 milligrams. When a person is prescribed treatment under stationary supervision, the daily dose can reach a limit of 45 milligrams. Outpatient treatment limits the dose to the limits of 25 milligrams per day.
The maximum daily dose is the border of 60 milligrams. As a rule, it is divided into 2-3 sessions per day. For the weakened or elderly people recommend taking the drug at low doses of 2.5 milligrams per time or two per day.
In case of sleep disturbance, adults will be given 2.5-maximum 5 milligrams per night.

Children can ingest valium in the following sizes:

1-3 years – a dose at a time of 1 milligram, per day – 2 milligrams;

3-7 years – at a time 2 milligrams, per day – 6 milligrams;

7 and more years – at a time 3-5 milligrams, for a day – 8-10 milligrams.

Children older than age have the opportunity to increase the daily dosage to 14-16 milligrams.

Cancellation of the drug should be done with the help of a slow gradual decrease in the dose. Subsequently, the development of the dependence of the psychological state duration of treatment with valium should not exceed two months. If it is necessary to conduct a second course, it is worth waiting for a break in 3 weeks, or better – more.

Intravenous (drip or jet) and intramuscularly, the drug will be administered to adults mainly in cases of the disease, which is accompanied by a state of psychomotor agitation, convulsive twitching, if necessary, to stop epileptic seizures, treat acute anxiety-phobic or anxiety-depressive conditions, which may include yourself alcoholic psychosis or withdrawal symptoms. On average, a single dose can be 10 milligrams, and a daily dose of 30 milligrams. The maximum single dose is 30 milligrams, and the daily dose is 70 milligrams.