Valium as the greatest antidepressant

Our life sometimes can be difficult in uniting correct actions and thoughts, therefore some medicine scientists created a lot of treatments that can help everyone to cope with solving the according problems. Actually, most often people cannot come over their psychological issues and it may end with the worst outcome. To avoid it and many accompanying effects there are some strong drugs (not real harm drugs, but those that use for medicine).
One of them is valium (diazepam). It is the most famous and most widely spread strong tranquilizer, which is most often used since 1963 before serious operations and complicated clinical cases. It was invented by an accidental search in 1955, during an experiment with neodiazepine (elenium) from which diazepam was obtained.
It is a drug from the group of benzodiazepines. Unfortunately, it was banned in some countries and replaced with phenazepam. It is considered a wonderful soothing remedy that counteracts anxiety and acts instantly, unlike other antipsychotics and tranquilizers, which come into effect only after two weeks. Valium is a fine-grained white powder with a light yellow tinge. It actually does not dissolve in water and hardly dissolves in alcohol.
Effects that Valium has are related to calming the patient as much as possible. It is anti-stress, soothing, hypnotic and muscle relaxant and amnestic drug. It is used both for the treatment of illnesses and for medical purposes before operations in small doses. For example, before an important operation, so that the patient calms down and relaxes his physical and psychological state, as stress can have a bad effect on the process of the operation. Also, for the purpose of amnesia. It is used only for the prescription of a doctor from excessive anxiety and muscle spasms, is widely known for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependence. If a person has signs of epilepsy, diazepam will be injected intravenously, at a slow pace, at a dosage within 10-40 milligrams. If necessary, you can take the opportunity to repeat intravenous or intramuscular injection every 3-4 hours. The best effect is usually observed in the case of an early appointment of Valium within the first three hours after several generalized seizures. Valium and the basic of its metabolites leave the body mainly with urine.
Tablets include 5 or 10 mg of diazepam and some other ingredients, which include: corn starch, anhydrous lactose, calcium stearate, gelatinized starch, dyes.